Monday, April 7, 2008

Thing 23

This was GREAT! I wish it did not stop with 23. More please!!!! One sentence to describe this ~ 23 FUN Things on a Stick! ~ that pretty much tells it all. THANK YOU for bringing this to us.

Thing 22

I believe that I would like to keep this going and I would use WebJunction Minnesota. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing 21

I am a member of the 23thingsonastick.ning. This site has caught my eye and is appealing to me, now if I can just find people I know. Because I have a tough time talking to strangers. At some point in time I would like to go back and look at the pictures, pictures are an interest of mine, it is fun to see what other people take pictures of on trips, etc.

Thing 20

This is a great way for libraries to communicate with people and the young people of today are big into MySpace and FaceBook.
I seemed to be drawn to the Hennepin Co. Library Myspace more than the Denver Public Library MySpace, I believe it had to do with the colors they picked.
I thought that is was very interesting how in the comments there were alot of authors, that is awsome! It was just like a big newsletter, just not in the mail or getting lost on someones desk. I give a big hand to those libraries that can do MySpace of FaceBook, to try to get to more people.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thing 19

The podcast sites that I used were: and Yahoo Podcasts. I found that Yahoo Podcasts were the easiest for me. At this time I have not done a Podcast myself, but maybe sometime in the future.

Happy Day!

Happy Day!